I decided to purchase my first home and I wanted to stay close to where I work. I found the right home and my financial advisor referred me to Jared Gibbons to help me with the financing. He was able to complete the process from start to finish with ease and lock in a great interest rate. I am looking to pay the mortgage off much quicker than my term, but I would consider doing business with Jared again in the future.
– Kathleen C.

We were looking to refinance our VA mortgage and decided to go to Jared Gibbons for his expertise. We had worked with Jared in the past and wanted to work with someone that we knew we could trust. I called and set up an appointment with him and started the refi process that day. I have to say that Jared and his team went above and beyond to get our deal completed in a timely manner. We ran into a problem with our appraisal and the team took the time to have it reviewed to make sure that we were getting a fair amount. We went from a 30-year VA loan to a 15-year conventional loan – all while keeping our payments the same and getting us cash to consolidate our credit cards at a great interest rate. After our process was completed, Jared also has taken the time to educate us on reverse mortgages so that we can help my mom out. If you are looking for someone to take time with you and make sure you understand all of your options, you want to go to Jared Gibbons. He is someone that you can trust and who will not give you the standard run around, and is also someone you can feel good about working with and recommending.
– Coby & Susan C.

We have been enjoying our retirement but we had a mortgage payment each and every month, which created an issue with our budget. That’s when we contacted Jared Gibbons. He was extremely friendly and knowledgeable, and kept us informed throughout the application process. Now we have no mortgage payment going forward for the rest of our lives and we are enjoying retirement even more.
– Colin & Janis K.

Jared Gibbons helped me to free up additional funds during my retirement that will help me to live better and freely. I will now be able to travel like I have always wanted to do. The process was smooth throughout and I had constant communication. I would recommend Jared and use him again in the future.
– Donna G.

I am a repeat client of Jared Gibbons and will continue to be going forward. I trust him completely and appreciate the hard work that he puts forth in each and every experience with him. His staff is extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy and I feel comfortable referring family and friends, as I have already done and will continue to do. Jared’s motto is built on integrity and efficiency and I whole-heartedly agree that stands true. Thank you for the invaluable service.
– Frank P.

I have been enjoying my retirement years for quite some time now and I have learned that a social security fixed income alone is not enough to keep up with day-to-day expenses. As my funds were extremely close to becoming exhausted my daughters helped me pursue financing options. We first explored the possibility of a home equity line of credit through my bank but determined that it would not be the best option for me so my banker referred me to Jared Gibbons as they trusted him and knew I would be in good hands with the reverse mortgage options he would offer to me. They were absolutely correct. He has been wonderful to work with and extremely accommodating to my lifestyle by coming to my home for not only the initial presentation but the application, closing, and any additional questions I had. I highly recommend Jared to anyone looking for a mortgage professional built on trust and integrity. Thank you to Jared for his invaluable service and efficient way of doing business.
– Vila E.

As we are enjoying our retirement years, we really didn’t want to be paying on a mortgage. We love our home and plan to stay in it as long as possible but paying a mortgage every month is difficult on a fixed income. We were referred to Jared Gibbons by our attorney, who works with Jared regularly and we set up an appointment to meet. After our initial meeting we decided to proceed and we were able to refinance our mortgage so that we have no mortgage payments going forward. We look forward to keeping in touch and appreciate the work that went into the process. Thank you.
– Ron & Sharon H.

We recently decided that due to our age and medical conditions we should move to a single level dwelling from our tri-level as stairs are becoming very difficult to use. We discovered a property available that suited our purpose of getting a more comfortable residence. We had our friend Jared Gibbons help us with the financing and everything worked out great. He was always in communication with us and had closing documents ready weeks before our deadline. We have already referred him to our close friends & family and will continue our relationship with him moving forward. Thank you.
– Johnnie & Linda L.

Although we had our house paid for prior to retirement, we learned quickly that retirement income isn’t always enough for a healthy retirement. We had to open a home equity line of credit at the bank to cover unforeseen expenses, which created a new monthly payment. Jared Gibbons came to our home and showed us strategies that would help our situation. He was able to provide us with a line of credit that didn’t require monthly payments and help secure our estate for our children. He even came to our home for the closing. We highly recommend him and know that we will keep in touch. Thank you.
– LaMonte & Chryl N.

When my retirement funds were running low, I needed someone I trust to help me secure my finances. I went to Jared Gibbons, where he went out of his way to help me with finalizing selling an investment property I owned and then refinanced both of my mortgages into one where I don’t have a monthly payment going forward for the rest of my life. I am now capable of living through my retirement comfortably and in the home I have grown to love and appreciate. I would trust Jared to work with my close friends & family. Thank you.
– Marsha L.

We own and run a small business, which can have expenses pop up all the time without notice. Our home is paid for so we went to a person that we trust, Jared Gibbons, to create a safety net/emergency fund using the equity in our home. Now we have peace of mind knowing that we have the capital for any unexpected expenses. We were always treated with the utmost respect and we would recommend Jared to our family, friends & loved ones.
– Wayne & Jayne V.

I wanted to share my experience with Jared Gibbons. He was most helpful & informative in processing my Reverse Mortgage. He was very knowledgeable on all the topics & answered all my questions & put my concerns at ease. He walked me thru the process, let me know what to expect during the interview & explained all the options available to me to help me make the best choice for my situation. I feel this has helped me to be in a better position & to be ready for retirement when it comes up. Thanks to Jared again.
– Doug T.

When we were just getting into our retirement, we took a good look at our monthly expenses and our 30 year mortgage payment was too high to live comfortably. Jared Gibbons helped us free up additional income for the rest of our lives so we can now live comfortably in our retirement and life is good. Thank you.
– Mike & Gail G.

Jared Gibbons helped us restructure our debt and eliminate our monthly mortgage payment going forward. We were also able to create a supplemental income source which will help us in our retirement. We recommend Jared and thank him for his valued service that he provides.
– Gordon & Lynne S.